Amarjit S. Gulati

Ever since I made a decision to read and understand Gurbani for myself, I've fallen in love with Guru Nanak's teachings and His philosophy. This blog is an attempt to share my findings and discoveries.

Do Ghosts Exist

Do Ghosts Exist?

According to the overwhelming research carried out by the various scientific fraternities in the world, there isn’t sufficient evidence to back that ghosts exist. According to Wikipedia, most of the stories about ghosts stems from folklore. Their existence is impossible to falsify, and ghost hunting has been classified as pseudoscience. The belief in the existence of an afterlife, as …

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Sikhs Disconnected Internally

In this article, I’d like to make an attempt to share my observation about how and why our Sikh community is struggling to connect with themselves and with Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS). If you noticed, in some places, the younger generation, the millennial seem to have lack of interest with what’s going on in their …

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What Is Life’s True Purpose?

What is the purpose of human life? You’ll get different answers from different people and frankly, there is no one ‘right’ answer to this question because everyone thinks about their lives differently.  If we look at the cycle of life, from the beginning when we are born, we live unknowing of our own existence. We …

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Can Sikhs Consume Alcohol?

This topic about drinking or consuming alcohol is probably one of the most commonly discussed topics. Recently, someone did a survey among friends asking them to share their view on drinking and alcohol.  Their responses were somewhat surprising. I guess the level of confusion and doubt out there about this topic is far greater than …

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