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I am sharing The Hijacking of Sikhi book review (2022 revised version) purely because I believe that this book is an important one, perhaps one of the MOST IMPORTANT books to be published in the 21st century.

I was thrilled to read it partly because I heard a lot about this book from a few. When I finally got my copy, I was truly mesmerized, as a lot of questions and points addressed in the book were unanswered questions I myself had for many years.

I applaud the depth of research Dr Karminder has done in The Hijacking of Sikhi. This is a book every Sikh should own. The author has truly gone above and beyond, fearlessly revealing and whistle-blowing the truth of how Sikhi was hijacked and distorted.

Once you start reading this book, you will realize the level of distortion, lies, misinterpretations, wrong translations, dubious ritual acts, the selfishness, greed and outright lies that have seeped into the Sikh fold. These did not happen by chance, it was pre-meditated over a period of 200+ years, planned and cleverly executed by anti-Sikhs injecting anti-Gurmat elements into Sikhi.

What Is Covered? (In a gist)

I had some idea about the distortion of Sikhi and the damaging and brainwashing efforts of the Nirmala priests, Dera Sants and Taksalis, but never in my wildest dream had I imagined Guru Nanak’s son, Sri Chand going against his father’s teachings and conspiring with the Brahmin clergy at that time to forcibly take over Kartarpur and transform it into his Udasi center.

This probably explains why Guru Angad was told by Guru Nanak to go to Khadur Sahib to continue Guru Nanak’s mission and to start a Sikh center there and not in Kartarpur. Why? One may wonder to what life threatening situations may have befallen Guru Nanak, His family and Guru Angad back then. (You will hear a different story from the clergy on this matter.)

Here’s what else is covered:

  • Sri Chand conspiring with the Hindu Brahmin clergy in retaliation towards his father Guru Nanak because the Guru refused to hand-over the Guruship to him and instead gave it to Bhai Lehna Ji (later on Bhai Lehna became Guru Angad, the 2nd Sikh Guru).
  • The Brahmin clergy together with the Mughal emperors pre-meditated to blemish and tarnish the name of Guru Nanak, our 9-Gurus, 15-bhagats and the entire Sikh philosophy.
  • How it all started because Guru Nanak refused to accept the ritualistic and man-made Gods of the Hindus and Muslims. A sign of which Guru Nanak refused to wear the janeu (sacred thread of the Hindus) but the clergy, including Guru Nanak’s father – Kalyan Daas, could not accept Guru Nanak’s decision.
  • The hijackers have been conspiring and even planning every detail to get rid of Guru Nanak as they saw how the masses were beginning to listen to Guru Ji’s sermons and logical explanations about the Creator and true spirituality.

Guru Nanak’s Sikhi is very practical, ritual-free, caste-free, gender-bias free and most importantly, a faith that is built upon deeds and responsibility in the here and now.

  • Why the Guru critiqued the Hindu rituals and man-made meaningless practices.
  • Why Guru Nanak was against the ways of the mughal emperor Akhbar and Brahmin priest that were luring hard-working, innocent people into a “belief and fear trap”; a trap built on lies and fake narratives (stories).
  • and much-much more…

Plans of Taking Over Sikh Institutions

In Part-3 of this book, you will discover how one of the the hijacker groups (Nirmalas) planned the hijacking by taking over Sikh learning institutes, Gurdwaras, our literature and planted fake stories slanted towards Brahmanism about our Gurus and bhagats (in the form of Sakhis, rehatnamas, teekas, etc).

The three deviant, anti-Sikhi groups (Udasis, Nirmalas and Dera Sants (Taksalis) made Guru Nanak and the rest of the Gurus and bhagats look like as if they were supernatural beings (just like their Hindu deities). They wanted to make Sikhi a branch of Hinduism and Guru Granth Sahib the 5th Vedas. (They only have 4-vedas right now)

Shocking? Yes! Its true.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Have you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome?

You’d be amazed on how this syndrome has affected millions of Sikhs today.

  • What is it about?
  • How did it begin?
  • What is the connection to this syndrome to the Hijacking of Sikhi?

Read all about it in chapter-5.

Contents of The Book

Below, you will find screenshots of the table of contents (TOC) of this book.

Hijacking of Sikhi TOC1

Hijacking of Sikhi TOC2

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In Conclusion

Last but not least, kudos to Dr. Karminder Singh Ji for putting in countless hours of research work into this book. It’s a mind opener for many. I hope and pray, he will have good health for years to come and he will continue revealing the truth and publishing important books like these for us.

The hijacker groups mentioned by Dr Karminder in this book are real and are still in power today. Except for a few authentic Sikhs, the hijackers are everywhere; dressed up in garbs, with long beards, kurtas and kirpans. They look, talk, walk, eat and live like Sikhs (pretending to be very pious and holy from the outside). Some are even boldly running Gurdwaras and important Sikh institutions.

I implore you to read this book with an open heart and mind. I know, it’s NOT easy to swallow the truth! Many would rather just ignore and go on living their lifes,  like as if all of this didn’t matter. Trust me! It will matter. A new generation of Sikhs (Generation X,Y and Z) – our children, already have lots of questions which we don’t have answers to.

As mankind progresses into a knowledgebase society, into a digital era, the younger generation will want to be associated with a more practical and sensible faith and NOT some ritualistic, man-made gibberish faith.

Sikhi of Guru Nanak is for the 21st Century mankind. It is NOT designed for a particular sect or race (meaning it is not created for Punjabis only) but rather for the whole of humanity. It is one of the newest faiths to have been born (just 500-years old). Sikhi is certainly NOT an off-shoot of Hinduism or Islam. It is a unique faith which stands on its own, different in everyway.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the embodiment of this faith and it has answers to ALL our queries and life’s questions. We just need to spend time to read it and understand it.

Read this book! Know the truth. Break the shackles of doubt once and for all. Have you read it? Share your thoughts below. Tell me what you think of the book.


DISCLAIMER: I am not receiving any commission for promoting The Hijacking of Sikhi book or the 5-book set.


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