The Hijacking of Sikhi – Reviewed

The Hijacking of Sikhi Book Cover 2I am sharing this book review purely because I believe The Hijacking of Sikhi book is an important one, perhaps one of the most important books to be published in the 21st century.

I was thrilled to read Hijacking of Sikhi as a lot of questions I myself had were answered by the writer. I applaud the dedication the depth of research Dr Karminder Singh Ji has done to reveal so much of the truth which has been kept from us.

I had some idea about the distortion of Sikhi and the damaging and brainwashing efforts of the Nirmala priests, dera sants and Taksalis (as I used to be a student of the Taksaal myself), but never in my wildest dream had I imagined Sikhi to have been hijacked by Guru Nanak’s son dera sants.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Baba Sri Chand (Guru Nanak’s oldest son), conspired with the Hindu Brahmin clergy in retaliation towards his father, Guru Nanak because the Guru refused to pass the Guruship to Sri Chand and instead gave it to a more deserving student, Bhai Lehna Ji (Guru Angad).

Or how the Brahmin clergy had pre-meditated to blemish and tarnish Guru Nanak, our 9-Gurus, 15-bhagats and the Sikh philosophy just because Guru Nanak refused to wear the janeu. They (the hijackers) have been conspiring and even planning every detail to get rid of Guru Nanak as they saw how the masses were beginning to listen to Guru Ji’s sermons and explanations about ‘true spirituality’ which is more practical, ritual-free, caste-free, gender free and most importantly, a spirituality that is to be applied (in this life-time) to attain the true purpose and goal of life.

I learnt from the writings within the book, how the Udasis lead by Sri Chand had deep rooted hatred for Guru Nanak when Guru Ji voiced out in critique towards their ritualistic, meaningless practices, luring hard-working, innocent people into a “belief and fear trap”, a trap build on lies and fake narratives (stories) so that they could earn a living off these people’s incomes in the name of alms and donations.

The Hijacking of Sikhi book also discloses how one of the the hijacker groups (Nirmalas) planned the hijacking by taking over Sikh learning institutes, Gurdwaras, our literature and planted fake stories slanted towards Brahmanism about our Gurus and bhagats (in the form of Sakhis, rehatnamas, teekas, etc).

The three deviant, anti-Sikhi groups (Udasis, Nirmalas and Dera Sants (Taksalis) made Guru Nanak and the rest of the Gurus and bhagats look like as if they were one of their Hindu deities, Sikhi a branch of Hinduism and Guru Granth Sahib, the 5th Vedas.

Heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? You’d be amazed on how this syndrome has affected millions of Sikhs today. What is this about? How did it begin? What is the connection to the hijacking? Read all about it in chapter five.

Last but not least, I feel proud and grateful to Dr Karminder Singh Ji for bravely doing the countless hours of research and voicing out the truth within the pages of his book. It’s difficult work! No one wants to talk about stuff like this perhaps worried about how society will view them or what may happen to their livelihoods – but I think, this voicing out is important. Especially now when the younger generations simply want answers to every question.

The hijacker groups mentioned are unfortunately still in power today. They will go to great lengths and do whatever it takes to shut anyone who raises questions about their agendas and motives. But the good thing is, with the introduction of books like Hijacking of Sikhi, Sikhs all over the world have begun to wake up from a deep slumber and have begun to question the hijackers bluff.

Below, you will find screenshots of the table of contents (TOC) of Hijacking of Sikhi book.

Hijacking of Sikhi TOC1

Hijacking of Sikhi TOC2

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