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Thank you for being here. Please consider this blog as a collection of my research and understanding of Gurbani, important facts (that we’ve been misled about) and views about happenings in the Sikh communities in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Articles and videos presented in here are based on my personal experience and growth as I had to unlearn many falsified concepts and re-learn the authentic Gurbani concepts (as intended and explained by our Gurus and bhagats) within the Shabads contained in SGGS. I slowly began to understand the “true” meanings of Guru Nanak’s philosophy when I started questioning the many rituals and practices which are even until today being practiced Gurdwaras and Sikh homes all over.

Here’s what I think…

Guru Nanak was a very highly elevated, practical and God realized being. He cared for the entire creation. During his time, he outright challenged the lies and stereotype rituals of the Hindus and Muslims. Guru Nanak says, “God resides within us as well as on the outside.” Guru Nanak believed in One and Only God, (hukam) – Law of the Universe. He was against the caste based system introduced by the poojari Brahmins. He brought about radical change in the minds of the oppressed and made them to ‘think’. It took 239 years (1469 – 1708) from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh and in between to complete the mission of creating a perfect, eternal spriritual guide for all of mankind, Sri Guru Granth Sahib!

I have discarded all ritualistic beliefs drilled down to me by my parents and the clergy. Truth be told, it has not been easy for me or my family. I had to battle with many stereotypes and closed minded Sikhs along the way (including some of my own family members) who refused to thwart the ritualistic Brahmanical and Poojari concepts that have seeped into Sikhi today.

The biggest battle I had to encounter was with my own mind. The battle within the mind is the toughest and constant. But, I’m grateful for taking a step in this direction. My life has been a very interesting journey of continuous learning, unlearning, re-learning and self discovery.

I am but a mere insect, trying to explore the skies where Eagles reign. No pen (or keyboard in my case) can describe Guru Nanak, the 9-Gurus, our Bhagats and the Sikh philosophy. But with the encouragement and blessings of the “God” within me, I will do my best to share my findings as they appear to me.

The Sikh way of life is very beautiful and practical. I believe Guru Nanak did not create another religion, Sikhi is not a religion, but, a practical spiritual way of life. 

Why I created this blog?

Many years had passed in my younger days with certain set beliefs about the Sikh religion and spirituality. These were either knowingly or unknowingly passed down to me by my parents, gianis (priests/ clergy), kathakaars (preachers) and Kirtanees (singers of hymns) also known as clergy.

Also, during my younger days, I never had a chance to study the philosophy of Gurbani. The Sikh religious academies we see today only came about in the last 5-8 years ago. So, me and many other youth at that time had not much of a choice but to rely upon the messages we received during ‘satsangs’ (weekly congregations in the gurdwaras) or from tapes and books we bought from the Indian clergies of Punjab.

It is only later part of my life, I became aware that many clergies were devoid of modern day education and were untrained in Gurbani themselves. Some of them were out right dubious, putting on a garb, beard and turban with the sole intention of deluding, confusing and cheating the innocent Sikh families here.

What were some of their lies?

When I was young, these clergy told me there is a separate God, a powerful entity, living somewhere in the skies, creating and destroying living and non living things. They told me, there is a separate place called heaven and hell. The good will go to heaven and the bad will go to hell. I’m sure you’ve heard of this.

  • I was told there are two angels sitting on the left and right shoulders called Chitr and Gupt. Supposedly, these two angels are tasked by DharamRaj (Judge of righteousness) to record all our actions and thoughts till the day we die. Then, these angels will present the accounts to DharamRaj.  We will be required to watch a movie (like in the cinema in front of a big screen) of our whole life. (I used to think…Oh boy! This is going to be the most boring and longest movie ever. I’d rather watch NetFlix! 🙂 
  • I also remember the clergy saying, if I lived a dishonest and corrupt life, Jamdoot (scary soldiers of DharamRaj) would come and crush my bones, rip me apart and take out my soul. On the other hand, if I had behaved and lived a life of obedience, Pari (angles) would come in a chariot to take me to heaven.
  • I was told never to consume meat after taking Amrit (the sacred Sikh baptism ceremony). And what if I did? Their answer: “My Amrit will be broken!” (Like as if Amrit was made of glass or something.) 
  • I was told to recite 10,000 mool mantar japs (repetition of the mool-mantar). After I partook Amrit for the very first time in a Samelan (yearly Sikh camp), I was given a counter in my hand to accurately count the number of times I recited the mool mantar in a day. One day, I lost the counter…and all the counts of the months of Japs, gone! The very next day, I bought a new counter and restarted the entire 10,000 Japs, all over again. I remember thinking back then, “Oh boy! What did I get into?” 
  • They told me fake stories of the Sikh Gurus. That our Gurus had used miracles and supernatural powers. They could fly and visit far away realms in an instant. They could bring back the dead. They could make corpses into ‘degh’/ parshaad. And so on and so forth…

Well, one things for sure. By doing all these actions, I wasn’t getting any closer to self-realization or God-realization. Instead, I remember having a bloated self esteem (ego) thinking that I was doing so many ‘paaths’ and mantars that I belonged to an elite group of Godly connected people. I’m surely going to heaven whereas many others are not going to be that fortunate. Yea right! I really believed (as a child) there is a real place called ‘heaven’. Now, I know the truth.

State of Sikhi today.

Sad to say, the state of Sikhi in Malaysia and most parts of the world is on a downward spiral.

The way Guru Nanak’s Sikhi is being presented and preached by the clergy is utterly shameful and embarrassing. They openly share fake stories (concocted lies) about the supernatural life’s of our Gurus and GurSikhs.  They say our Gurus used magical and super natural powers.

Countless fake stories have been circulated in the last century or so, such as  Guru Nanak transforming a corpse into Parshaad when testing Bhai Lehna (who later became Guru Angad).

Or how about the story of a large Cobra snake coming to give shade to Guru Nanak by opening it’s hood while the Guru was fast asleep in a hot sunny day, while the cows were grazing. Well, I wasn’t aware Cobras opened their hoods to give shade!

Or how about this one…

While the cows taken by Guru Nanak were grazing the fields nearby, the Guru fell asleep and the cows ate all the grass and crops of a farmer nearby. The farmer got angry and went to complain to Rai Bhulaar. Guru Nanak was summoned and was asked to settle the damage of the crops to the farmer. But the Guru refuted saying, the crops and grass were not damaged. Then to the proof, they all went back to the fields where the cows had supposedly eaten away the farmers crops and lo and behold! no crops were eaten! Somehow, like magic, all the crop grew back in an instant.

These clergy quarters, Sampardas, Taksaalis, Dera Babeys have been swayed and they have bought these concoted lies and fairy-tales because its easier and fun to talk about these things. We humans seem to like stories like these. They say Guru Nanak and the other Guru’s had magical powers and so we’re supposed to just believe them?

Do you see my point? In fact, there are close to 4000+ sakhis (concocted stories) of this sort written about our Gurus and martyrs in books authored by various Nirmala authors and I will be sharing all these findings in depth within this blog and my videos.

My realization of the truth.

In 2014, during my research and study of Gurbani, I began questioning a lot of what I knew or had learned in the past about Sikhi and Guru Nanak. Things just didn’t add up. So, I began seeking the truth. With my limited understanding of Gurbani and Gurmukhi, I had to rely upon Professor Sahib Singh’s teekas (translations) and dictionary of Guru Granth Sahib by Surinder Singh Kohli.

With regards to listening to Sakhis (stories of the Gurus), I’ve refrained myself from doing so. Even though some of them can be interesting but truthfully, ALL of these stories you and I have heard up to now, are tainted versions!

These sakhis  DO NOT telly with Guru Nanak’s teachings or way of life. Our beloved Gurus fought against tyranny and voiced out against mythical, ritualistic beliefs of the Hindus and Muslims. Our Gurus accepted the Law of Universe and NEVER went against it. The Gurus preached and taught us how to accept HIS ‘hukam’ and live a life of a householder, to work hard, help the needy and live in contentment. So, the question is, why is the Guru himself using magic to bring the dead back to life or grow the crops in an instant in the fields? To me, our Gurus do not say one thing and do another. Just think about this for a moment.

If our Gurus had used magic or shown miracles, then why didn’t Guru Arjan Dev Ji use his miraculous powers and destroy Emperor Jehangir? Why didn’t the Gurus use magic to prevent the countless deaths of innocent babies as they were chopped in pieces and put as garland around their mothers necks? Why did so many Sikhs had to endure suffering from the Mughal emperors?

Why didn’t Guru Tegh Bahadur stop Emperor Aurangzeb and prevented the gruesome deaths of Bhai Mati Dass, Sati Dass and Bhai Dayal Dass? Why didn’t Guru Gobind Singh use supernatural powers to prevent the mughal forces from taking over Anandpur fort? If all else didn’t matter, why didn’t Guru Gobind Singh use his powers to prevent the deaths of his four beloved sahibzadey? Weren’t they loved by Him? Why so much of bloodshed and destruction of the Sikh kaum back then?

The point I’m trying to make is, our Guru’s taught as how to live and to accept Waheguru’s ‘panna’ (will). If the Gurus themselves preached about Hukam (Law of Universe), then why would they be going against what they had preached? You need to know that our Gurus NEVER used any sort of magical or supernatural powers at any point in their lifes. The stories have been deliberately planted by the Mahants and Nirmalays to derail the entire Sikh nation. They even tried altering and adding their own writings within Guru Granth Sahib but they failed. Thanks to Guru Arjan Dev Ji who created a coding system within the scriptures which the Hindu priests simply could not decipher. So instead, they wrote numerous other Granths of their own, Dasam Granth being one of them (without a shadow of a doubt!).

To my 2 lovely children.

I have 2 beautiful children (9 and 11 years old; at the time of creating this blog) and I want them to grow up knowing what were their Gurus really about. Not the version of the Nirmala priests or the dubious clergy, but the ‘real’ truth of Guru Nanak’s philosophy and the ‘real’ practical and logical way of life.

I hope with this blog, my kids will eventually be able to see the ‘true’ power of Gurbani and will know how to relate the concepts and ideologies shared by our Gurus in their everyday practical lives. I hope they will take Gurbani as a source of inspiration and will know what Guru Nanak’s true mission was.

Gurbani should be the focal source of guidance in every Sikh’s life. Period! But in reality, many of us cannot relate with Gurbani. There maybe a few reasons to this but probably one of the more apparent reason is due to lack of understanding and misinterpretation. Truth be told, many of the younger generation today can’t speak, read or write Punjabi or even Gurmukhi. Hence, the interest to read Gurbani and understand the wealth of knowledge that is able to liberate mankind from all miseries will not be realized.

Someone asked me once, can’t we just read the romanized version of Gurbani and understand the messages contained within using English translations?

My answer is, No! Why? Because firstly, the English translations are direct translations (word level) and most of them are translated based on the Fareedkot Wala Teeka.

Secondly, the English or Romanized translation does not share deeper concepts and context of Guru Nanak’s teachings. Ideologies based on Gurmat and Gurbani of Guru Nanak are deep and profound.

Gurbani-English translations in the world today are following ‘Farredkot Teeka’ created by the Nirmala Hindu priests. 

In the early 19th century, these priests from Benares were tasked by the British and Indian government to come up with their version of Sri Guru Granth Sahib translations. The British knew how valuable SGGS was to the Sikhs, but they also knew many could not understand the difficult philosophical ideas of the Gurus within it. Hence, they hired these priests to come up with their version and translations of SGGS, creating the ‘Fareedkot Teeka’.

Secondly, English vocabulary and grammar itself has a lot of limitation. Therefore, relying upon the surface level English translations of Gurbani is not enough and will certainly create confusion. English translations are ‘akhri arth’ (direct word level translations) and there is ‘phav arth’ (contextual meaning). There is a deeper philosophical meaning in each and every line of Gurbani.

With this, I hope this blog will serve its purpose of being an unbiased resource towards the teachings of our Gurus.  I hope the articles herein will help alleviate any doubts you may have about the ‘real’ Guru Nanak’s Sikhi. We should try to put our altar egos aside and seek the answers from within Gurbani, as intended by our Gurus. I pray this blog will reach many Punjabis and Gursikhs near and far, especially the youth.

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