Amarjit S. Gulati

Ever since I made a decision to read and understand Gurbani for myself, I've fallen in love with Guru Nanak's teachings and His philosophy. This blog is an attempt to share my findings and discoveries.

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Who Was Guru Nanak’s God

Many scholars and parcharaks have tried to answer this question. I am not a parcharak and neither am I a scholar. I will share with you the answer based on my understanding and from within Gurbani itself. I hope, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a clear picture as to …

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Do Ghosts Exist

Do Ghosts Exist?

According to the overwhelming research carried out by the various scientific fraternities in the world, there isn’t sufficient evidence to back that ghosts exist. According to Wikipedia, most of the stories about ghosts stems from folklore. Their existence is impossible to falsify, and ghost hunting has been classified as pseudoscience. The belief in the existence of an afterlife, as …

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