A Sikhs Thought On Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Amarjit S - Blog Post EditorEver since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic was unleashed, many of us have had to deal with various circumstances to adapt with the ‘movement restriction’ (MCO) put forth by the various governments all over the world. Some, countries were fast to act and ordered the lockdowns quickly, minimizing the infection and fatality rate, whereas some were late in taking action, perhaps being overconfident and ignoring the warning signs and dangers of a genuine global pandemic.

Whatever said, one things for sure. This Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 by WHO (World Health Organization).

The reason why I’m writing this article is to share a Sikhs thought on Covid-19.

Right now, many people have become more aware of the dangers of this little fella (Covid-19 virus) and many know what they need to do to keep themselves and their families safe. Despite the lockdowns which has disrupted our day-to-day living, most if not all are aiming to stay healthy and alive. This has now become the number ONE priority for everyone. But I understand, it has not been easy for most.

From the countless messages I’ve been reading on Whatsapp and social media, I feel there are many who are feeling a lot of heartache, confusion, doubt, fear, relentlessness, anxious, angry, frustrated etc. I’d lie if I told you I understand what you’re going through. The reality is, no one can. But I empathize with you and everyone else. There has never been a similar pandemic like Covid-19 coronavirus in the last 100 years or so. The last similar pandemic was reported in 1918 (H1N1 outbreak) and it lasted for 1-year with close to 500 million people infected with the virus worldwide. So you can imagine the shock-waves and terror around the globe caused by a tiny virus not even visible to the naked eye.

Social Distancing – What a Phenomena!

We were told to practice ‘social distancing’! I didn’t even know such a term existed.

We humans are social beings. We live in a socially connected world. Heck! When we meet friends and family, we hug. But now I myself would be reluctant to give a hug to another or even give a handshake, all thanks to Covid-19. It feels so odd, but to stay safe, I know I’ve got to do this. We all need to be vigilant and help to flatten the curve.

This Coronavirus is contagious . It can infect the other by touch. So, be careful. Especially, when the lockdowns are lifted. (Below this article, I’ve shared some pointers what we can do to prepare for post-lockdown.)

Covid-19 Cases Rising In Some Countries

I’ve also noticed the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases throughout the world rising especially in many developed nations.

Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Worldwide Above 10K People
Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Worldwide Above 10K People

Despite these countries having some of the worlds best doctors, hospitals and medical equipment, yet the number of Covid-19 infections are rising. This is really odd.

According to a CNN Special Edition report, the drastic jump in confirmed cases in the US is due to the failure of Donald Trump’s administration. According to the same reporter, Americans are suffering and dying because the Trump administration failed to act quickly and decisively to prevent the virus from spreading.

Work-Life Adjustments

During this crisis, we are all required to make some work-life adjustments.Work From Home Pic

With the MCO lockdown by the governments all over, offices and businesses (except a few dealing with essentials) are not allowed to operate. I cannot go to the office and neither can my colleagues. Many of us are now operating and working full-time from home; something new for many too.

Despite, I had no problems adjusting myself to work from home, probably because I’m operating an online business on the side, many of my colleagues are feeling choked. They are not used to the idea of ‘work from home’. Also, it is probably due to the challenges they are required to face, especially with IT (Information Technology).

To be honest, if you’re going to work from home, you’ll have to up your IT skills a fair bit. Can’t deny that. Surprisingly, I see my wife (an English teacher in an International school) preparing video lessons and doing Zoom classes on her own with her year one and twos. Unbelievably inspiring!

Spending More Quality  Time

For one, I realized me and the other family members around me began spending more quality time with each other.

I guess, if it wasn’t due to the lockdowns, most of us would probably be at work, coming back late, everyday. Now look at us. We’re having breakfast, lunch and dinners together, as one loving family. Pre Covid-19, I’m always saying to my wife, “I’m busy, don’t disturb me!” But now, I’m still busy…but I take time out to do stuff and help out in the kitchen. I’ve learnt to be there for her and my kids and support one another. Its important!

Animals Seem Happier

Happy Little DogDid you notice how our restricted movements or ‘house arrest’ is being rejoiced by animals too?

I mean, I began to hear more birds chirping every morning. Didn’t realize there were so many birds in my housing area. Even the stray dogs were having a jolly good time. They were happily moving about without any fear of being ‘shoo’ed by us humans.

Did you notice how blue is the sky and how fresh is the air? I mean, I’ve never seen such blue skies, either. The levels of air pollution is near to zero. I can literally smell the freshness in the air. The flowers are blooming and the grounds are cleaner because we humans are not going about messing and littering much, are we?!

Oh wow! Is this how planet earth is supposed to be? Clean and fresh with animals happily rejoicing in freedom? Is this mother natures’ way of telling us, to stop! and breathe. Take a break from arrogance and be more selfless. You tell me.

Coronavirus: GOD’s Creation?

The Covid-19 virus is definitely not man made. That’s for sure. So, where did Coronavirus come from? Why did GOD create it?”

Unfounded Contradicting News
There is news circulating on the Internet, talking about a mad scientist from Wuhan, China (where the Covid-19 outbreak started) created this virus in his laboratory. Apparently, these virus lab tests started off many years ago and were backed by the Chinese government. Why? Because the Chinese wanted to create a biological weapon that they could use against any nation that threatened its pursuit towards world dominance. Apparently the Chinese scientist who made these claims in a video died shortly due the virus. Sounds absurd? Well, I’m not too sure. Only time will tell how much of this is true . The trade war between the United States and China launched by President Donald Trump has also been escalating in recent months with Trump threatening to raise tariffs on all Chinese imports and declaring a national emergency shutting Huawei out of the U.S. market.

Facts About Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

I always believe, we should not heed hear-say or unfounded news, rather, we should rely upon facts and real evidence. One things for sure. According to a scientist report in TheGuardian, there have been several types of Coronaviruses in the past.Coronavirus Color Photo

However, more recently 2 of these viruses (SARS) and (MERS) were detected to have set off outbreaks but they’ve been under control. However, these two are nothing like the Covid-19 virus. In fact, scientist only became aware of Covid-19 about five months ago.

So, coming back to the question -did GOD create Coronavirus? The straight answer to this is, “Yes!”.

Let me explain further…

The scientific acronym for Covid-19 is Sars-CoV-2. This is a virus which almost certainly originated from bats. Apparently, bats seem to have a very high level of immune and defense system, preventing the virus from killing it. But, because the bats have this high level of defense, the virus tends to replicate itself faster trying to beat the bats’ defense system. Unable to penetrate, the bats become carriers of the virus and if any animal coming in contact with these bats, will end up getting infected and probably end up dying (due to the animals weak immune system).

Coronavirus BatBats and Coronavirus have been evolving for millions of years.

Scientists compared the different kinds of Coronaviruses living in 36 bat species from the western Indian Ocean and nearby areas of Africa. They found that different groups of bats at the genus and in some cases family level had their own unique strains of coronavirus, revealing that bats and coronaviruses have been evolving together for millions of years.

But as far as the Covid-19 strand, most evidence is now pointing to Pangolins which must have been infected by a bat that was carrying the Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus. It is likely that, this animal, a pangolin came into contact with a human in a market and that is how the virus jumped into a human and began spreading. Our immune systems are not strong enough to fight this deadly virus.

How Does The Covid-19 Virus Spread Among Humans?

Many people apparently didn’t even know they were infected. They went about living their lives as usual.

The scariest thing is, for someone who is infected, they may not even realize because the symptoms of the virus only begin to appear between 2-14 days with signs of fever, cough and shortness of breath. It would appear they are having a common flu but they’re not.

By this time, if the infected were to come into contact with others around them, they can get infected too. The Covid-19 virus resides in liquid based particles and it is NOT airborne. This is how the Coronavirus has spread so quickly.

Is There A Vaccine To Cure Covid-19?

Right now, there is NO vaccine….yet!

But, according to authorities, there are close to 78 vaccine projects already launched in the world and close to 37 more in development.

Given the seriousness of this pandemic and the increasing number of infections and deaths around the globe, scientists are pressured to come out with a workable vaccine very soon – maybe even this year 2020. So, let’s cross fingers and hope we get vaccinated soon.

What To Do – Post Lockdowns

Right now, with the consistent movement control and lockdowns in place all over, I think we will eventually flatten the curve and the lockdowns will be lifted.

It may take some time, especially in those countries where the virus is still spreading rapidly and hospitals lack the necessary safety and ventilation equipment. But let me tell you, just because the lockdown is lifted, it doesn’t mean we’re all out of the woods yet. There will be many who will still be infected and walking amongst us. We need to be aware of this.

Here are some steps we can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones, post lockdown.

1) Keep wearing a mask.
2) Keep your distance from others (social distancing to the max).
3) Try not to touch anyone or even your face, eyes and nose area. 
4) Wear disposable gloves if possible and throw them away after each use! (They’re not supposed to be re-usable)
5) Wash your hands more frequently (at least for 20 seconds).
6) Disinfect any items or things we buy from outside.

There could be other steps which I may have missed out. You could add to this list with your comments below.


Prayer PhotoYes! Of course. We should take sometime out in a day, either by yourself or with your family, to pray.

Sukhmani Sahib by Guru Arjan Dev Ji is a good ‘paath’ you could do or listen to.

You can also take any shabad from Guru Granth Sahib and recite, but try not to recite blindly. Try to understand the meanings of the shabad. It’s only with understanding, and acting upon the teachings, one is able to uplift and elevate. In my opinion, with understanding and living by example, one can truly be at peace and attain eternal happiness.

I personally believe, there is a lot of good that’s going come out of this Covid-19 pandemic. We just need to stay strong, stay safe and learn as much as we can along the way. We need to be more supportive of one another so that we can together, battle this crisis with all our might and come out victorious.

Love you all.


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